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Fire Extinguishers, 2019

MA series

Summer 2018 the moors above Manchester were on fire. The following March 700 fire extinguishers were dumped on Saddleworth. I collected some of these and they became a focus for a series of works exploring narratives about the fires and the environmental vandalism of their abandonment. Removed from their context they bear traces of their former existence.


I began to cast the extinguishers, experimenting with peat/clay/seed mixes that led to Seedbombs with a view to re-abandon them on the moors in an environmentally positive fly-tipping action.


Mug Shots, 2019, 16 0f 700 flytipped fire extinguishers



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Dysfunctional, 2019


700 Fire Extinguishers on Saddleworth Moor, 2019

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