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Arrivals Board/Birds of Passage, 2016, RSPB Discovery Trail, Fairhaven

LED, aluminium, vinyl

Funded by the Arts Council

Birds of Passage is a contemporary art installation commissioned by the RSPB for their sculpture trail at Fairhaven Lake, Lancs.  The board is programmed with animations, including Birds of Passage by Sophy King and The Language of Birds by Rebecca Chesney, information and live updates.  The area is one of the most important stopping places for migratory birds in the country and the work connects the passage of birds to the global movement of people. This piece addresses why birds migrate and where from, giving insight into the unique environmental importance of the estuary.

3 children standing in front of an arrivals board showing the arrivals and departures of migratory birds on the Ribble estuar
Birds of Passage by Sophy King

Birds of Passage by Sophy King

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