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Breathe, 2020, Rogue Artist Studios and Project Space


An installation and durational work in progress during the Coronavirus Lockdown 1 in the UK. Flour and specifically the stockpiling and subsequent shortages of flour came to represent the best and worst aspects of our reactions to crisis. The panic buying was born from feelings of insecurity about our supply chain, already primed by our anxiety about Brexit. In the short term we saw shortages, in the medium term resolved, but a lingering worry remains about what will happen as Covid-19 continues.

I worked with flour at this time. Scattering and casting the humble material seemed extravagant, like working with gold dust. There is a reassessment of this basic staple. For the most part we take for granted the free availability of avocados, truffles, meats and plant-based substitutes, it was shocking to feel the possibility of shortage in our privileged society. Use of foodbanks has doubled during lockdown.


As the death of George Floyd inspired a protest movement across the globe I was filming and experimenting with the flour. The clouds of dust rising formed a correlation with our re-engagement with our priorities. The basics of life; food staples, human rights (like the right to breathe), clean air, shelter, are thrown into sharp relief. Please listen with sound.

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